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how to batch watermark images Have you ever had the need to watermark a lot of images?

Watermarking is the process of overlaying an image or textual logo onto another image for the purposes of crediting the author with creating the image. Some websites and blogs use watermarks in case other sites try to steal or hotlink to their images. When other people now view these images they can attribute the proper credit to its real author.

Now that you know what watermarking is you can see how it can be a bother to batch watermark say 100 or 1,000 images associated with a post. You can open each of them in Photoshop or Gimp 5 Websites to Learn GIMP Online 5 Websites to Learn GIMP Online Read More and add the layer, lower the opacity and then repeat or you can grab a batch watermark creator application for free that will make your life much easier.

One possible application is Jouba Images Converter and you can grab it here. You will also need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed on your computer. I recommend installing this before you begin your download. You can grab the installer here.

After you get it installed, launch the batch watermark creator application and you will then see a screen that looks like this:

batch watermark images


Now the application also does conversions from one graphic type to another (like BMP and JPG) but if you click on the advanced options button we can find the option to add a watermarked image or a piece of text to every image loaded through the application.

As a side note you can convert your images to another file type and apply your watermark or you can follow the instructions below for JUST adding your watermark.

batch watermark images

In this instance I added a line of text denoting my website as you can see below:


I chose my font and size along with my color and text as you can see above. Then I clicked OK. You can add an image just as easily by selecting watermark image instead of watermark text. When using an image you can also choose to rotate it or flip it vertically, horizontally or both.

Next I clicked on the big green plus sign to add a few files. You can also click the folder with the plus sign on it to select an entire folder. You can see both buttons in the screenshot below:

I then selected two images by clicking on the first and control clicking on the second:


That displays the images as thumbnails in the main window like so:


Make sure advanced options are selected in the convert to field and hit the convert button. That will bring up a box asking you where you want to save your watermarked images:


Accept the path they gave you or modify it with the browse button and hit start. It will run through each image and hopefully display this when it is complete:


In the past, we have also covered online watermarking solutions 4 Ways To Watermark Your Images Online 4 Ways To Watermark Your Images Online Read More and I have also done a post on another watermarking application called WaterMarkLib.

What image batch watermark creator solutions do you use?

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