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multiple antivirus scannerHow much “stuff” do you really download on the Internet? Whether you’re downloading movies (we know you do Do You Download Movies Illegally? [Poll] Do You Download Movies Illegally? [Poll] Read More !), new music The 8 Best Websites To Check Out New Music Releases First The 8 Best Websites To Check Out New Music Releases First There are plenty of ways to keep up-to-date with your favorite artists. Here are eight websites to check out new music releases as they happen. Read More , software, or participating in some other activity that may or may not violate the Digital Media Copyright Act What Is the Digital Media Copyright Act? What Is the Digital Media Copyright Act? Read More , you are potentially exposing your computer to corrupt files, malware, and viruses. Even if you only use your computer once a month and you only visit a single website you still face this risk.

There are a lot of different ways to scan the files you download to see if they are clean, but none quite like JottiQ.  JottiQ takes advantage of Jotti’s online malware scanner, which uses multiple popular antivirus programs to scan your files, without having to download or install any of them.

What Is JottiQ?

As I stated above, JottiQ is a tool that makes it more convenient to use Jotti’s malware scan, which is an online service optimized for one-by-one scanning of files you do not trust. If you’re wary of a file you downloaded because you have a strange feeling about the site it came from or you’re just curious, JottiQ is a good way to relieve that stress.

So is JottiQ a virus scanner? No, not really.

JottiQ is merely the go-between that relays the files you wish to have scanned to the online Jotti’s malware scan service. JottiQ should be considered to be an investigative tool and as such will not offer any options to delete or otherwise affect the files you scan.

JottiQ will scan the heck out of your files though, utilizing popular anti-virus apps like Avast, AVG, AntiVir, and over a dozen other programs. If your recently downloaded files are infected with something, you’ll know about it.


multiple antivirus scanner

The application allows you to build a queue of files needing scanning. It also uses Jotti’s internal cache to speed up scans, lists scanners with detections at the top of the list in red, allows you to open scan results in your browser, and is integrated with right-click functionality so you can just click a file and scan it immediately.

How To Start Using JottiQ

To start using JottiQ, head over to this page and download the JottiQ v1.0.3 installer. Run the installer and you’ll be able to install the core components of the app. If you’re missing any applications required to run JottiQ, like I was, you will be notified and JottiQ can download and install them for you.

multi antivirus

The installation process doesn’t take very long at all and is very easy to go through. Once you’re all done, you can start dragging files into JottiQ’s main window to queue them up for the multiple antivirus scanners. Or you can just right-click a file to scan it, if you installed context menu support (default setting).

multi antivirus

JottiQ will give you an initial scan result to let you know if it thinks your file is safe or not, even before you get the actual results from the various programs scanning the file.

multiple antivirus

Off to the right of the app, you’ll see the list of all the anti-virus programs being used to run the scans, as well as what the individual results were for each program. If your file does happen to get a hit on one or more of the programs listed, you should be able to install that specific application for removal.

multiple antivirus scanner

That’s all there is to it. JottiQ offers a light-weight, simple way to check your files without installing a lot of programs to figure out what will remove a potential threat. While I’d recommend you install an anti-virus program to begin with, JottiQ should help you out in case one of your downloads has you worrying.

What do you think of JottiQ?

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