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You may have come across a good number of online note taking applications. Usually these web apps let you share your text notes with others online. However they do not provide satisfactory privacy controls for your notes. Jot Once plans to deliver exactly that – more privacy for your online notes.

store text online

store text online

Jot Once is a free to use web app that lets you jot down your notes online. The site does not require you to register for or log into accounts. You can start storing your notes right away.

A note is called a “jot” and each jot can be 4000 characters long, including spaces. Once you are done typing your jot, you can set up a password for the jot; the site calls this password a “passphrase”. If you cannot think of a passphrase, you can use the suggested one available on the website. Provide the passphrase to anybody you want to share the jot with who will then enter it on Jot Once’s homepage and view the jot.

You can choose to enter your email address and be notified when your jot is viewed. You can also enter the recipient’s phone number’s last four digits for better authentication.


Expiration can also be set for your jot; you can make the note valid for 10 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 5 days, or 10 days.


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