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jorte calendarEver since I got my first Android phone, a good old HTC EVO 4G, I’ve been very impressed with the idea of widgets on the homescreen. I had previously owned an iPod Touch, which I thought was great, but now it makes sense to not only have links to apps, bookmarks, and folders, but also actual utilities. One of the widgets I definitely needed was a way to look at my Google Calendar Easily Export Your Facebook Events To Google Calendar [Chrome] Easily Export Your Facebook Events To Google Calendar [Chrome] What do you do if you don't use Facebook to keep track of your work calendar and doctor appointments? How can you merge your Facebook events and your professional events? Google has the answer, and... Read More . The mobile web app left me wanting for more, while HTC Sense How to Install a Custom ROM on Your Android Device How to Install a Custom ROM on Your Android Device Ready to revitalize your Android phone or tablet? Installing a custom ROM is the best way to do that -- powering it up with even better performance and features. Read More ’s calendar widget was really pretty and functional but occupied more space than I liked. So I went in search of an alternative, first looking through MakeUseOf’s Top 100 Android Apps page, and then in the Market.

Jorte is a very complete alternative app I’ve found that syncs with Google Calendar and Google Tasks. What’s impressive about it is not only the number of available widgets that are bound to fit in any of your phone home screens, but also the number of views you can see your calendar in when you’re loading the actual app. Once you download Jorte and enter your Google login credentials, you can immediately see how useful this app will be.

Widgets, Widgets, Widgets

For a quick glance at this month’s calendar, this week’s schedule or a peek at your daily agenda, Jorte has got a widget for it all.

jorte calendar

There seems to be a giant number of widgets that Jorte generously provide, all equally impressive and useful. Just long-hold on your homescreen to add a widget and locate Jorte 1×1. It will be followed by plenty of other widgets in different sizes.

jorte app for droid


For my first screenshot, I chose all four widgets of size 2×2, so you can see they all fit nicely. If you need more space, you can always shrink the widgets by either choosing a different-sized one when you’re adding a widget next time, or simply choosing to display other widget types. You can do the latter without deleting the widget and reading another one by tapping the upper right corner of the existing widget. You will be presented with a handy dialog to update the settings, choose what to display, colors, font size, etc.

jorte app for droid

You can choose between displaying a calendar, monthly, weekly or daily agenda, or even tasks only.

jorte app for droid

Here’s how the monthly agenda with the tasks widget looks like in 4 x 4.

jorte for android

There are definitely countless ways to customize the look of your agenda on your phone homescreen with Jorte’s widgets. The functionality doesn’t end there, however. When you click on any of the widgets, you’ll of course, be directed to the actual app, which we will take a look at in the next section.

Launching The Jorte App

If there’s one big idea that you should have got from the previous section is that Jorte provides numerous ways for you to view your Google Calendar events. You’ll also see this reflected when you launch the app.

jorte for android

If you have ever wished that the mobile Google Calendar web app had more views than the default month and day, like perhaps a weekly view of some sort, or wished you could view your dated Google Tasks on your Google Calendar, Jorte can do both of these in ways that will blow your mind. It provides at least 3 different weekly views, even a two-week view, and you can even see your tasks underneath.

jorte for android

You can also synchronize your tasks, and create regular and important tasks, the latter of which will be denoted by “[!]” on your task name.

jorte calendar

Jorte is a great Calendar app if you’re a power user of Google Calendar. It is definitely one of the best organizational apps you can download.

What do you use to keep yourself updated on your tasks and calendar events? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. wondergoat
    August 25, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    The functionality looks promising, but it's hideously ugly.  Can you change the appearance at all?

  2. Ted
    August 25, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    Nicely done review. Thanks. I will definitely take a look.