Joopz: Chat From Computer with Mobile Users via SMS

Joopz is a free to use web service that helps its users send text messages to any cellphone in the US or Canada. The site is one of the many web services that can be life savers when you do not have a phone or your phone has run out of balance / credit.

joopz   Joopz: Chat From Computer with Mobile Users via SMS

You begin by creating an account on the website. During this process you must provide the site with your phone number as well. With this step complete, you can begin sending text messages to friends and others in the US or Canada. As you can see from the image, the message can be 100 characters long. And you can send the message to either an individual number or a group of phone numbers. Another noteworthy feature is SMS scheduling – this feature lets you compose messages now and have it sent it sometime in the future.

joopz1   Joopz: Chat From Computer with Mobile Users via SMS

While the site offers the useful feature of texting mobile phones, this is not what sets it apart from similar websites. What really makes Joopz different is its ability to support a two way chat. In other words, the person who receives your text message on his phone can reply via SMS – this reply can be read on your online Joopz interface. In this excellent way, you are able to hold computer-to-phone chats with a friend or a group of friends.


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