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Have you ever wanted to own an airplane? Well now you can, or at least own one along with some other people. Thanks to Jointli, you can co-own items that would be far too expensive to buy on your own. This new website allows you to take partial ownership in items ranging from real estate to motor vehicles.

share ownership

With Jointli, you can search for existing items that are seeking co-owners, or create a new item with just a few mouse clicks. There are a number of already existing items on there, and it seems that airplanes are the most popular. If the item already exists, you simply need to click on it, and then click the “I’m Interested” button to start the process of owning part of the item.


Creating your own item is easy. You simply click “Post an Opportunity.” From here you will be able to choose if you already have the item and are looking for investors, or if this is a new partnership. You can fill in all kinds of information about the item, to give prospective buyers as much information as possible. It makes acquiring things you could never afford possible.



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