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Broadcasting your computer’s screen is particularly helpful while troubleshooting or carrying out presentations remotely. Normally you need to follow a number of complicated steps in order to properly set up a screen broadcast; however, with Join Me, you can broadcast computer screen within seconds.

broadcast computer screen

Join Me, a freeware application for Windows, helps broadcast everything visually happening on your computer. You download Join Me’s 1.3 MB executable file and run it – no installation is required. A window will appear at the top-middle of your screen, providing you with a public URL that you can share with others. Visitors to this URL can see on their web browser whatever is happening on your computer’s screen.

Through the desktop app you will see how many people are viewing your screen. You can change your nickname through the app, which is “Presenter” by default; instant messages can also be sent to everybody viewing the broadcast.

At any time you can pause or disable the broadcasting through the desktop app. In addition to superbly executing screen sharing, Join Me provides you with a conference call number that all people can call on and conduct a joint conversation.

broadcast your computer screen



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  1. chloe
    May 21, 2015 at 7:01 am

    how are u meant to broadcast