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merge mp3 files together Whenever I buy a CD, I immediately burn a backup copy onto my computer so I can listen to it on my iPod and on WinAmp while I am working on the computer. But if it is a comedy concert or music concert, one of the things that annoys me is how the end of each “chapter” of the CD can cause a break in the audio. If the comedian or singer / band is in full flow, I don’t like how the “atmosphere” of the concert is suddenly broken because it is the end of track 2 or track 3.

So Merge MP3 helps by allowing me to join all MP3 files together into one big MP3 file. This means that they can all play one after another without a break. I don’t have to think about whether the track is about to end or not. I can just hit “play” and enjoy the music / comedy.

The only slight snag with this app is that you can hear a very slight “jump” where the audio files connected with one another. The merging isn’t totally seamless. But this is a very minor thing as far as I’m concerned. Audio quality fanatics on the other hand will have high blood pressure problems and go totally off their heads.

What I particularly like about Merge MP3 is that it is a portable app, no installation required. So just download the app, transfer it to your thumb drive and you can merge mp3 files together on any Windows PC.

When you double-click on the .exe file, it opens up the interface:

join mp3 files together


Then either navigate to the MP3 files you want to merge, or (even easier), drag and drop the MP3 files onto the Merge MP3 app :

merge mp3 - freeware to join mp3 files

After choosing a target folder, a name for your newly merged file and completing the new ID3 tag, the app gets to work joining all the files together one by one. In my case, it took less than 5 seconds.

Now I have one big file, instead of 14 little ones! So another advantage is that it tidies up your computer folders!

Do you use another free app to merge MP3 files?

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