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Imagine 15,000 people, all desperately wanting to use your product – so much so that they take time out of their day to sign a petition. That’s the case for Google: a petition demanding a Linux version of Google Drive is rapidly approaching its goal of 15,000 signatures.

Google Drive is two things: the highly anticipated sync service from the web giant, and the name for the web service once called Google Docs. Linux users can currently use Google’s web products without issue, but not the syncing service – there’s no official client for the open source operating system.

Similar to Dropbox and Microsoft’s Sky Drive, the desktop software syncs documents in a particular folder on the users’ computer to the cloud. This allows users to access their files online, or to sync them between multiple devices. Google offers users of the service 15 GB for file storage (though that storage is split between Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos).

It’s this desktop client that Linux users want – and blog OMG Ubuntu reported a Linux version is on the way over a year ago. Sick of waiting, users are signing the petition in the hopes Google – a company where many employees use a variation of Ubuntu at work – can speed the process along. Some expressed displeasure with the search giant not supporting the software their company runs on.

“Come on Google, your whole business runs on Linux,” wrote Euan de Kock, from Australia. “Pay up and support it.”


It’s not as though Linux users don’t have choice when it comes to cloud syncing: Dropbox has been on available on the platform for years, and Ubuntu comes bundled with its own cloud storage service Ubuntu One: An Unknown But Worthy Contender In Cloud Storage Ubuntu One: An Unknown But Worthy Contender In Cloud Storage Just a little over a week ago, a lot of news was made in the world of personal cloud storage, where Dropbox added more sharing features, SkyDrive introduced their new synchronization application for desktops, and... Read More . But as more than a few petition signers pointed out, Linux and Google have quite a few mutual fans.

“I love Ubuntu and Google,” wrote Tomas Martins, from Portugual.

There’s a reason no petition exists for Skydrive on Linux.

Act now: You too can add your voice to the Linux Google Drive Petition.

So what do you think: will Google give the people what they want? And when it does, will Linux users actually use Google Drive? Or will they, like Windows and Mac users, uninstall the software when they realize they’re not sure what to use it for? Chime away in the comments below.


Image Credit: Penguin photo from The Spheniscus magellanicus at the Cabo Vírgenes Provincial Reserve, in southern Argentina

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