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be a dj online for freeThere are few things in life that can help you de-stress quite like music. How many times have you just decided to switch on Pandora Radio 5 Cool Things You Can Do With Pandora Music Radio 5 Cool Things You Can Do With Pandora Music Radio Read More or turn on radio on your mobile after a long, hard day? It’s a sweet feeling to just sit back and listen to some tunes – no pressure, no deadlines, just music.

Well, one way to add a bit of excitement to that relaxing time is to make your music enjoyment a more social experience. Listening to good music is cool, but listening to good music with friends (or even strangers) is awesome. If you want to mix in socializing with your music listening experience, then you’ve got to check out

What’s Rolling? It’s a brilliant new social network based on music created by Tim Zhou, who worked for both Google and IBM.  At Rolling, you’ll find lots of other music lovers with the same interest in music as yours. All you have to do is pick a room that is playing the theme of music you like, and join it. Don’t see a party room for your favorite music genre? Create your own!

Rock & Roll At Rolling

Rolling is one of those communities where you’ve got an avatar in a virtual environment. There isn’t a whole lot you can do to interact with things inside that environment, but that doesn’t really matter anyway because the entire focus is the music. Sign up is as simple as logging in with your Facebook account. Just like at a real party, you stand around with other visitors and nod your head to the beat as each person takes a turn as DJ.

Trying your hand at being a DJ is as easy as clicking on “Add Songs” on the main screen when you’re in any of the party rooms.

be a dj online for free


You can search for your favorite music by song title or artist name. Hit enter and scroll down the list to find the song you’re looking for. Once you select a song, it gets added to your playlist and will enter the lineup of songs to play in the party room.

be a dj

On the right side of the party room, you’ll see the mixer control box where the DJ takes control of the party. In some room, DJ’s will line up on the stage. In other rooms, people just stand around and each person takes a turn at the mixing table. Everything is automated, but it’s really a blast. When each song comes on, people can vote whether the song is “Hot!” or “Weak”. If too many people vote “Weak”, the song is cancelled and the next DJ steps up.

be a dj

If one room isn’t playing the type of music you like, just click “switch room” at the top of the screen.

be a dj

I scrolled down and found a cool hip-hop room. The creator of the room had chosen a bathroom (complete with urinals) as the backdrop, which I thought was a riot. You could even spray graffiti on the wall and visitors could vote whether or not to keep the graffiti on the wall. When it’s your turn to DJ, you’ll see your avatar move behind the mixer and your controls will appear to either skip your song or stop DJing completely.

be a dj on your computer for free

You can always change your appearance by clicking the drop-down arrow next to your profile and choosing to change your outfit or your display name.

be a dj on your computer for free

The selections are somewhat limited – but you’re here for music, not for a fashion show, right?  By taking part in the community (playing music for others and voting on songs), you’ll earn credits and can eventually choose from some of the locked clothes and accessories.

be a dj on your computer for free

It really is a blast trying to choose songs that the people in the room will like. When you do, it’s a pretty good feeling to see people start voting up your song – a sign that you have good taste in music!

Beyond the music, the avatars and the voting system, there’s also an in-room chat system for every individual party room. So, while the music is playing, you can chat with everyone else in the room. It really does start to feel like you’re at a real party. All that’s missing are the drinks!

If you meet someone at the virtual party that you want to friend on Facebook, it’s as easy as clicking on the “who’s here” tab under the chatroom and adding them to your friends list.

be a dj online for free

There are plenty of music social networks 3 Social Music Networks to Discover & Share New Tunes 3 Social Music Networks to Discover & Share New Tunes Read More out there, but Rolling is one of the few I’ve seen that really makes it feel like you’re actually at a party. You can chat, socialize, discover new songs, and share your love of music with others – all in an environment that’s a blast.

Try Rolling for yourself and see how quickly you meet others that share your love of music. Start your own music room and see how quickly people start to arrive for the fun. Share your experience at Rolling with us. Did you meet any new friends, and did they vote your songs up when you took your turn as a DJ? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

Image credits: Yamamoto Ortiz

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  1. Ryan Dube
    September 17, 2011 at 1:02 am

    Thanks guys - I liked the website...I've never used and while it may be better, what makes you make the serious charge that Rolling.FM rips off that site? You've compared the creation dates of each site?

    September 1, 2011 at 6:36 pm

    Rip off of Turntable. Accept no impostors.