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If you’re a musician, you’ve probably learned to be a good networker in order to get gigs and meet more musicians. You may have a few online band profiles Promote Your Band On Facebook With An Awesome Tab By BandPage Promote Your Band On Facebook With An Awesome Tab By BandPage As anyone who has ever tried to promote a band online can attest, sometimes it's a pain to pull together all of your material into something easy to promote. What you really want is a... Read More and websites in order to get noticed by talent-seekers, but do you have anything to get found by other musicians in your local area or who like your favorite genres? Well, you soon can have such a profile.

Fandalism is the newest, hottest social network for musicians. It connects great musicians by area, genre, favorite bands and instrument. You can build a profile just to let potential band members know you’re out there, check out what other musicians are doing in your favorite genres or find new band members for your band. Within this hub of musicians, all sorts of connections are possible.

Browse All Musicians

The musician database is open for anyone to browse and search without needing a profile. Filtering everyone in the database by music styles, favorite artists, location, instrument and age means that you can easily browse music you’ll like made by other artists. If you love it and you’re logged in, you can give them props and let them know. The most-loved media is marked with a fire icon to let you know it’s hot.

Request An Invite

Fandalism is invite-only, but if you visit the Fandalism site you’ll see that you can request your own invite to get involved. Once you’re in, you can invite your friends easily.


Building Your Fandalism Profile

Fandalism takes basic information from Facebook to get you started, asks you a few questions about instruments, genres and artists you like, then asks you to upload your video from YouTube, music from SoundCloud Discover Cool New Music in the SoundCloud Discover Cool New Music in the SoundCloud Read More , photos, and lyrics to show people what you can do. It takes very little time to pull together your profile if you’ve already got material online.

You can then answer as many or as few questions you like about your music background in order to give people a feel for your history, skills and attitude. These questions are designed to get interesting answers, for example “What was the first concert you went to?”, “What were your musical influences growing up?” and “What gear do you use?”.

Using Fandalism To Find Band Members

You can hunt for your new band members using the location, genre and instrument filters. Once you’ve found a few candidates it’s easy to check out the videos and music they’ve uploaded and see if they’re a good fit for your band.

Follow Your Favorite Musicians

More often than not, you’ll probably just want to use Fandalism to follow your musician friends and people you admire and see what they’re working on. Fandalism makes it easy to see all the new media the people you are following have uploaded, so you have a go-to page for inspiration and ideas.

At the moment, Fandalism is very grass-roots and doesn’t have many celebrities or big names. However, they’ve already got a page for recommended musicians, which can be filtered by genre.

What More Do You Want?

Fandalism is still in the early stages of community and is just starting to really take off. If you have great ideas for improvements they can make, the creator will consider them seriously. Get In touch with Pud (Philip Kaplan) via Fandalism, Facebook or Twitter.

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