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Jogli is a new player in the music search engine market and I can say without a doubt that it has the potential to give the established players a run for their money. It indexes music made up of songs, albums and videos from around the web and presents them in a neat interface with all the stuff organized in a single page. It claims to index almost 12 million songs, most of them in the form of YouTube videos.

How it works

Although Jogli does not necessarily require registration, I recommend that you do register because then you will get access to all the features like saving your playlists and creating a Jogli profile.

To find music you have to type in the song, artist name or the album in the search box on the Jogli home page. On the results page you will get all the results related to your search under different headings like Artist, Albums and Clips on the right-hand side. For example, I did a search for the band ‘ Green day ‘.


On the left, we’ve got the video player on the top and the playlist editor below it.

Create and save playlists

The playlist editor on the right allows you to create and customize playlists by dragging and dropping songs, playlists or albums from the right. Registered users can further have access to the Music Library and are able to save their playlists.

Watch clips with lyrics and save them

When you click on a video clip, the video player on the left starts playing it and on the right you also get the lyrics to that particular song. Further it allows you to share stuff through email.


I should say that I am impressed with Jogli and the way it indexes and organizes the YouTube videos and songs from other sources. Considering the fact that it’s still in beta and has a lot of room for improvement, I am sure this will develop into one of the best resources for searching music on the web. Even now I think it’s probably the coolest one.

I’d love to know your experience of using Jogli. Do you use it or do you know of an even better alternative?

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