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If you are a working parent then you’ll agree that managing daily household chores and getting kids to do simple tasks is not easy. They have so much to do like playing video games, surfing the web, TV….why do chores? Before you give up, you might want to try My Job Chart. It’s a nice online tool that introduces a reward-based chore tracking system for kids to get them involved in some daily household work.

daily household chores

This is how it works – you assign jobs, your children see it as a to-do list, complete the tasks and tick them off, earn points and finally trade them off for rewards (different rewards for different points could be assigned).

The benefit of this tool is that it’s online and hence tech savvy kids of today’s age would like it. Plus it has an easy interface showing the kids what they stand to earn.

For more info watch demo video below:


  • Manage household chores schedules online.
  • Online chart for managing household chores.
  • Reward based system to attract kids.
  • Easy, intuitive interface.
  • Built for today’s tech savvy generation of kids.
  • Similar tools: ChoreBuster, DoStuffForMoney and RunMyErrand.

Check out MyJobChart @

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