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One of the coolest features of the Apple Magic Mouse and the trackpad is the use of gestures. You can accomplish all kinds of things without taking your hand off the mouse or trackpad, which streamlines your computing options and makes your day to day life go much smoother and more efficient.

While Apple offers lots of options by default, it could most certainly offer more, and that’s where jitouch 2 comes into play. It offers a slew of advanced gestures that go above and beyond what Apple offers out of the box.

add more gestures to magic mouse

Whether you are using the Magic Mouse or the trackpad on a laptop, this program offers lots of options to make your life easier. You can do things like change tabs, open links in new tabs, close tabs, refresh pages…the list goes on and on. All things that would require you to use keyboard shortcuts or clicking on a certain location can be done with simple gestures.

The shortcuts are slightly different depending on whether you use a trackpad or Magic Mouse, but the general idea is the same.


You can also customize gestures to make them suit your needs quickly and easily. The icon in the menubar allows you to enable and disable to program as well as get access to the settings where you can tweak the genstures to suit you. The settings are very self explanatory, and each gesture has a nice animation that will show you how to execute it.


  • Add lots of new gestures to your Magic Mouse or MacBook’s trackpad.
  • Easy to customize settings for gestures.
  • App sits in menubar for easy access.

Find jitouch 2 @

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