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Jigsaw fans will love this site. JigsawBreak lets you take any image from Google Images or Flickr and convert it to Jigsaw puzzle. The goal is to solve the N x N jigsaw puzzle in less than N2 moves. That is to say, if it’s a 3×3 puzzle then it needs to be solved in at most 9 steps.

jigsawbreak - play Jigsaw puzzles online

Apart from creating your own jigsaw puzzles online you can also generate random ones or if interested checkout recent puzzles created by users.


  • Create jigsaw puzzles from Google or Flickr images.
  • Create as many jigsaw puzzles as you like.
  • Check out recent puzzles created by other users and try to solve them.
  • No sign up or registration needed.

Check out JigsawBreak @

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