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Jigsaw is a service where you can find and get access to hard to obtain business contacts and company information. Jigsaw boasts over 6 million business contacts, with 300.000 companies and several thousands of contacts added on a daily basis.


How it works?: You simply request a contact you need and if it exists in their database you get contact’s details including name, title, email and the phone number. In return for each contact you’re required to give 5 Jigsaw points. You can either buy points at $0.20 for 1 point or get 10 points each time you submit a new or correct existing contact. Upon completing your registration for the first time you’ll be awarded 50 points.


  • Get information on any company and list of it’s employees. ? ()
  • Browse companies by states, major cities, by industry, by alphabet, and more
  • Browse contacts by alphabet or use Search option

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