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‘To Post’ or ‘Not To Post’ ? That’s the question that keeps bothering me if the website I am about to review can be useful but not very ethical. And that’s the case with Jigsaw, as much as I may find its service unethical its growth and popularity seem to indicate that it works quite well for many people. So, here it goes
Jigsaw is a place where you can get access to not so easy to obtain business contacts. It has over 3 million business contact records within 300,000 companies with several thousands of contacts added on a daily basis. You simply search for a contact you need anf if it exists in jigsaw’s database you get contact’s name, title, email and phone number. To the question ‘Who Uses Jigsaw?’ company states following

A: Sales people, recruiters, marketers, researchers, job seekers, small business owners, and anyone else who needs high quality low cost corporate contact information. Members use Jigsaw to look for direct contact information from a particular organization. With these reliable contacts members are able to close more deals. See our success stories.

How does it work:

Each contact will cost you 5 jigsaw points. There are several ways you can get points. You can either buy them at $0.20 for 1 point (1 contact=5 points=$1) or get 10 points eachtime you submit new or correct exisitng contact. To try jigsaw out without paying anything you can sign up with free trial account which is valid for 14 days and comes with 50 points (equivalent to 10 contacts). After trial period is over you can switch either to PAY or PLAY account. See difference between these two in the image below

Some additional information;

  • –Frequently Asked Questions
  • –How it works
  • Some good criticism from Michael Arrington( criticize here
  • and you may be interested to go through their privacy policy here
  • check if you are in Jigsaw’s database from here
  • Countries you can get contacts from: United States, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and United Kingdom

Some other popular websites offering similar service are InfoUSA and Hoovers

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