Jiggyape: Create Playlists Of Your Favorite Music On YouTube

YouTube is a highly popular video streaming website that people use for streaming various websites. Music videos are the most common type of videos streamed by people on YouTube. You will find an amazing collection of old and modern music on YouTube, enough to fill your music quota for the day. This is why people create playlists on YouTube. But to make those playlists you need to add tracks after signing into the YouTube; the same applies to checking out those playlists. Here to help you create music playlists from YouTube songs without requiring you to sign into YouTube is an excellent website called Jiggyape.

popular   Jiggyape: Create Playlists Of Your Favorite Music On YouTube

Jiggyape is a free to use website that lets you create playlists composed of YouTube music. When you visit the website, you can check out what the popular music is under the “Popular” tab of the app. You can also search for songs by artist or song title. You can click on the Plus icon against songs to add them to the playlist. Click on the song items in the playlist start their playback. A small video frame lets you preview the video of the track being played. To view the video in a larger size, simply click on the Video tab on the page.

cut   Jiggyape: Create Playlists Of Your Favorite Music On YouTube

Apart from offering this web interface, the website offers a Chrome extension and even a Windows application to import your computer music library into Jiggyape.


  • A user friendly web application
  • Offers a web interface, a Chrome application, and a desktop app for Windows
  • Lets you create playlists out of music on YouTube
  • Does not ask you to sign into YouTube

Check out Jiggyape @ http://www.jiggyape.com/

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