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Facebook may be the biggest and most feature-rich social network on the planet but it still lacks some features it should have. For example, the ability to send yourself daily email alerts for the upcoming birthdays of your close friends on Facebook. You can either opt for a consolidated weekly email or need to check it on your Facebook homepage sidebar.

This is a gap JibJab’s Birthday Alerts service intends to fill. It integrates with your Facebook account and pings you every day via email informing you about the birthdays that are coming up.

birthday reminder for facebook

The email shows birthdays in the next week, and also includes a fun fact of the day. You can also check out all the birthdays in one place on your JibJab dashboard. The site plans to incorporate more features into this birthday alert service soon.


  • Birthday alert service for Facebook.
  • Sends daily email alerts.
  • Also get a fun fact of the day.
  • Similar tools: RSSBirthday, BirthdayAlarm and RemiMe.

Check out JibJab Birthday Alerts @


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