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Creating a web app or any web based business is only the first step. Then comes the responsibility of managing it and resolving any technical issues that may arise from time to time. JazzDesk is a help desk online that allows you to do exactly that. Using JazzDesk you can create support tickets, share them with your team and manage them online.

You can assign tickets to different team members, specify a list of activities for each ticket and assign team members to each activity. You can also sort tickets in your dashboard by status such as started, on hold and waiting. New users can be added, deleted and assigned to tickets by the admin. All the activities related to a ticket can be timed, tracked and commented on for easy collaboration.

help desk online


  • Create, manage web based help desk and share support tickets.
  • Sort tickets by status and assign to different users.
  • Split tickets into activities.
  • Generate time cards and other reports.

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