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Jaxtr is an extremely useful service that lets you place “˜Call Me’ button on your blog/website/web-profile and receive free phone calls worldwide. It allows people visiting your website/profile instantly contact you by phone for FREE (regardless of caller’s geographical location). You can connect Jaxtr to your regular or mobile phone, works either way.

Jaxtr Features

  • Put it on your website or profile (ebay, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogspot, etc.)
  • Your phone number always stays private.
  • Accept calls directly or on Voicemail
  • No headset required: Both caller and recipient can use their phones
  • See if any of your contact on Jaxtr (GMail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.)
  • More questions ? Check out Jaxtr FAQ section OR video demo

See it in action below: (I’m forwarding my calls to Voicemail so don’t expect to catch me live)

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  1. Diana
    September 19, 2007 at 5:57 am

    Hello there!
    You should try NIMBUZZ.
    NimBuzz comes it two main flavors: an application designed to work on your personal computer and an application for mobile phones. Depending on where you are, you will be using the one that is most relevant to your context to communicate with people you know who may be members of any of the following communities:
    MSN Live
    Google Talk
    With Nimbuzz you have free mobile chat, international calls at local costs,also you can have all your communities on your phone.
    You can call from your mobile phone with Nimbuzz, Skype, MSN/Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk contacts!
    It's really easy! Just download Nimbuzz on your PC or mobile phone and you can start use it!
    For more information click the here:

    Try it!

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