Janus: Shows Like/Dislike Count Under YouTube Video Thumbnails [Firefox]

If you are someone who spends most of their daily time on YouTube and usually find interesting videos from the related video thumbnails that are shown on the right sidebar of any YouTube video, then you might find Janus for Firefox a worthwhile addition to your YouTube toolbox. This Firefox add-on adds a like/dislike count right below those video thumbnails thereby helping you to filter out the videos with the most dislikes and jump quickly to the best ones.

janus1   Janus: Shows Like/Dislike Count Under YouTube Video Thumbnails [Firefox]

The tool also provides an option to stop showing the videos that have a high dislike count. Overall, a simple and easy way to ensure that your time is not spent visiting each individual video page to check the likes and dislikes it received.


  • Get the like/dislike count of a video below its thumbnail on the sidebar.
  • Also hide most disliked videos.
  • Works wherever Firefox does.
  • Similar tool: YTshowRating.

Check out Janus for Firefox @ addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/janus

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Nice addon, im gonna try it!