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Musicians need more online platforms to share their music on. Whether you are musician looking to share your music for free or a music fan looking for exciting new music being offered for free, Jamendo is the site you need to visit.


Jamendo is a wonderful web service that lets you browse all types of free music. The site is basically a community for musicians who want to share their music with their fans for free. The licenses with the music on the site are royalty free so you can use the songs on the site in your projects. On each artist page on Jamendo you find a collection of songs and a description; artists can clearly express themselves as the site supports multiple languages.

Music that you listen to on the site is opened up in a small new browser window that offers standard playback controls along with sharing the songs you streams with your friends.



Check out Jamendo @

  1. oupsemma
    August 18, 2007 at 2:19 pm

    It's really THE music website .You can discover a lot of groups/artists from alternative to classical , listen or download freely, save your favorites , discover what others like . If you have Opera browser , you can have a Jamendo widget in Opera to listen to your favorites . A must to discover if you're allergy to commercial music !

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