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Major money saver that lets you make cheap (in many cases FREE) calls from your regular phone to any mobile/landline phone worldwide. Just enter your own phone number and the phone number you want to call on, press Call: Your phone will ring – your friend’s phone will ring – start talking!

JAJAH - Free (or Cheap) Calling to/from any landline or mobile phone worldwide.

Feature Overview

  • Make Cheap (in many cases FREE)landline/mobile calls.
  • Use existing phone (mobile or landline) to make calls
  • Free Global Calling (between JAJAH users): (a) To landline and mobile calls to/within the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. (b) To landline calls to/within Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, the UK, Germany, France, Italy and most other European nations. For calling other destinations see rates here.
  • Nothing to download or install. Broadband connection is not a requirement either.
  • Add JAJAH ‘Call Me’ buttons to your blog, email signature, etc.
  • Schedule and initiate cheap conference calls with your friends and co-workers (see demo below).

Jajah Tools

  • Google Gadget: Access Jajah from your iGoogle page.
  • Plaxo Outlook Toolbar: Call your address book contacts in one click.
  • Mac OS X Address Book Plugin
  • Firefox Extension: Converts every phone number on a website to ‘call now’ JAJAH links.
  • JAJAH Outlook Plugin
  • JAJAH Mobile Plugin: Install and Run JAJAH Mobile on your mobile phone.
  • JAJAH Mobile Web ( Access JAJAH from your mobile phone or PDA (see demo below).

CNN talks about JAJAH

Jajah Mobile Web


JAJAH Conference Calls

Check out JAJAH @

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