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Last week’s poll dealt with MakeUseOf’s possible switch of comment interface. We asked you whether you’d support MakeUseOf switching from Disqus to Worpress’s built-in system. The results were divided pretty equally among voters, which made out decision that much harder, but one option did get the majority of votes.

Out of 202 readers who voted, 30% will continue to comment on MakeUseOf regardless of platform, 24% like Disqus and don’t support the switch, 20% dislike Disqus and support the switch, 4% support the switch but think we should use a different platform than Worpress, and 22% don’t comment anyway.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

The good news is, 30% of the voters will continue to comment on MakeUseOf no matter what! This is great news for us. As for switching from Disqus or not, we did not get a clear answer from our readers.


This week’s poll question is: What Do You Think About Jailbreaking/Rooting?


Most devices you can buy today come with some sort of limitation. Be it Apple’s limitation on its App Store, or Android’s limitation on screenshots and backup, all OSs inflict some sort of restrictions. The way to get around these restrictions is Jailbreaking your iOS device or rooting your Android device. The smartphone world is still pretty new, but already there are veritable wars raging on the subject of whether you should or shouldn’t change your phone this way.  So where do you stand?

Not only does jailbreaking/rooting require some technical skills, but the device’s warranty is usually void once you do it. On the other hand, it does gain you access to many great features. Share all the pros and cons you can think of in the comments.

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