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Deciding which color theme to use for a project is something that a web designer often has to spend a considerable amount of time on. Here to offer you a useful tool to generate usable palettes easily is an app called iWantHue.

get color codes online

iWantHue is a free to use web service that helps you create color palettes. You need to sign up for an account to start using the website. All you have to do is visit the site’s homepage and then specify a color space. You specify this space either by moving the HCL sliders present or simply by selecting from one of the many color presets available. A color palette that matches your settings is displayed in the center pane. Placing your mouse over one of the colors exposes the HEX code of that particular color.


This color palette changes shape when you select the palette generation options available in the right most pane. When you generate a palette, various colors are generated for the palette; for these colors you can view the HEX and RGB codes so that you can use these colors elsewhere.

iWantHue: A Web App To Create Color Palettes & Get Color Codes Online iwanthue2


If you are a web developer who is looking to use these colors in a project, then you will it very useful that the site provides you lists of colors in the palette for JSON and CSS; you can codes in HEX, RGB, HCL, and LAB.

iWantHue: A Web App To Create Color Palettes & Get Color Codes Online iwanthue3

A JavaScript code is also generated and provided to you to better use the palette in your web designs.


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