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Putting up your website’s privacy policy for site visitors to read is certainly a good idea. But writing a privacy policy is a tedious task. You have to use proper technical terms to address each aspect of the site visitor’s privacy. Thankfully there is a web service called iUbenda that will make it easier to create privacy policies for websites.

website privacy policy generator

iUbenda is a web service that will let you create a privacy policy for your website. All you have to do is add the services your site uses – such as Analytics, Adsense, any mailing lists – and then insert the site owner’s details. Using this information the privacy policy is automatically generated and you are given an embeddable code for it to use on your website.

Currently iUbenda is in private beta. The site does let you subscribe to it by adding your email and putting you on the waiting list.


Check out iUbenda @

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