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The privacy policy of a website is a major part of it that details the legal details, liabilities, responsibilities, etc. of the website. Some websites simply copy the privacy policies off other sites and use them as theirs; but this can be potentially problematic from a legal standpoint. Here to help you generate proper privacy policies for your sites without any copy-pasting is a service called Iubenda.

privacy policies online

Iubenda generates custom privacy policies for your website and clarifies its function. The best part is that you do not need to have any legal know-how about privacy policies to use this website. You start by typing in your site’s URL and then selecting the services your site uses.

Here is a sample privacy policy generated by Iubenda:


Iubenda offers a free account that lets you add only services to your policy without adding any customizations. Customizations are offered by the site’s premium account.



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