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Has your list of TV channels grown far too long to manage? Do you hate navigating through all kinds of websites to get the listings? If you have an iPhone, you are in luck, as a new App is here to save the day!

i.TV (iTunes Link) is a wonderful little iPhone App in the App Store that will manage all your movie and television listing needs. On top of this it provides great user account options for keeping track of your favorite shows.

Let’s start off with the TV listings, which are what I use most frequently. By selecting the icon at the bottom, you’ll be presented with an interface that sorts your local listings by day and time. How does it know your locality? Well, either manually or by allowing it access to your location, the App will give you a list of cable service providers to choose from. After that is done, it will remember that provider from then on.

tv listings on itvThe TV listings for your area may be quite vast, so when scrolling through them you can either do a standard flicking motion, or, to move hundreds at a time, you can drag the right edge slowly. This is a short and simple add-on, but it makes a big difference when you need to get down to channel 532.

When you click on a show, i.TV brings up that show’s specific page and gives you the name and synopsis of that show’s next episode (and other vital statistics such as its content rating). There are star ratings and reviews from other users and an opportunity to give the show a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” for iphone application The rating you give the show is actually fairly important, because a positive one will put it into your favorites category.  The favorites screen is useful because instead of hunting down every show you like each time you want to watch it, you can simply do a quick reference in your favorites instead.  They are organized alphabetically for easy location. This process works for not only shows, but movies and other media as well.


Speaking of movies, the App actually does a great job helping you find movie information and showtimes. Simply click the “Theaters” tab at the bottom and it will bring one of two panes. The first gives you the list of every current movie. As there are many more than you probably realize, the same kind of scrolling action is possible as before. The other pane will give you a list of every movie theater in your area (as it still remembers your location).

The movie pane is especially nice because of two things.  First of all, clicking on your desired flick will bring up a full synopsis along with the familiar rating options.  Second, clicking the “play” icon will open up that movie’s trailer.  The trailers I have watched thus far have been fairly grainy, but this might just have been because of the particular source of each trailer.  I iphone app
would bet that i.TV doesn’t really have much control over that factor.

The ratings and favorites options do require a user account, but i.TV makes signing up pretty effortless. Just go to the appropriate page in the options and fill out your vitals. The App will automatically send it to its central servers and send a confirmation email to you. Once you click their link, the App will validate your account. It took me about 3 minutes while multi-tasking.

The last thing I’ll say about i.TV is that it is really a nice piece of software to handle. It’s not often that an iPhone App is funtional, attractive, and well-built all at the same time. I love the options on i.TV, it has a really nice way of rendering show/movie art, and it hasn’t crashed or fragged out on me even once. I actually plan to “MakeUseOf” this little App for some time to come.

How do you handle your television and movie information?  Anybody still using the newspaper out there?

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