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Until now, browsing music in the iTunes store required you to install the iTunes software onto your computer. There was just no other way to access the iTunes store. Now, iTunes Preview, which was introduced recently by Apple, lets you browse iTunes store’s music collection right in the browser.

So for people who don’t have iTunes installed and want to check out the availability of a song in the iTunes store or other information such as the price, reviews, artist info etc, then they could do it without being asked to launch iTunes software. You’d still require iTunes to buy a song or stuff other than music from the iTunes store.

browse itunes store without itunes

how to browse itunes store without itunes


  • Browse iTunes store without iTunes software installed.
  • Check out songs, artist info, albums, genres and more.
  • See the individual song and album prices.
  • To purchase stuff you’d need to install iTunes.

Check out iTunes Preview @


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