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divshare uploadI’ve been using DivShare since June of 2007, a couple of months after it was launched. Back then it was pioneering unlimited uploads and a 200MB file size restriction. It was unfathomable. Another feature which was available then – DivShare groups – allowed me to easily share between friends.

Sadly, that feature is no longer implemented. What’s worse, DivShare finally set an upload limit at 5GB and a 10GB monthly download transfer limit.

Since then, quite a few contenders arose. DropBox DropBox: Review, Invites, and 7 Questions With the Founder DropBox: Review, Invites, and 7 Questions With the Founder Read More , one of my favourites was a viable challenger. Although it isn’t exactly a file-sharing service primarily, it can be used to share files – and quite easily too. It has the one thing missing from DivShare, a file sharing desktop client File-sharing Fury - Battle of the Desktop Clients File-sharing Fury - Battle of the Desktop Clients Read More . Well, things are about to change.

I came to know of ISUploader a few weeks ago. It’s still a very new application with a lot of room for improvement but as of now, it’s more than I can ask for.

isuploader-divshare upload

At the moment of writing, the application is only capable of displaying a list of your files hosted by DivShare, retrieving some information about the files (uploaded date, size, number of times downloaded etc.) and grabbing the download links. And yes, it does support uploading to DivShare, naturally.



However, there’s a one file maximum limit per upload. Future versions of the application will support multiple-file uploads. Phew. And another thing, file deletion is yet to be possible.

ISUploader works great but as I’ve said: it still has a lot of room for development. And here’s the good news: I’ve been working closely with one of the developers of ISUploader to come up with a more fantastic 2.0 version. I’ve also been given a very early beta version of the new ISUploader to play around with and I can honestly say that it will be mind blowing when it is released.

Here’s a little sneak preview:

Support for multiple DivShare accounts

isuploader account

Easier setup

isuploader account setup

New Sidebar

isuploader sidebar

ISUploader 2.0 won’t be available until sometime next month. And since I’ll be working alongside the developer, MakeUseOf readers will have the inside scoop before it hits the public. So watch this space!

For the time being, the current version should be capable enough to satisfy your uploading needs. You can find it over at inventiveSoft. ISUploader works on Mac OS X and is free but donations are always appreciated.

What features would you like to see implemented in the next version of ISUploader? Say it out loud in the comments and it might get added into the final product!

  1. Nero
    April 11, 2009 at 9:32 am

    I'm not sure I see the knock against DropBox. I used to use Divshare regularly but with DropBox you don't *need* the desktop client which is one less thing to have installed on my machine.

    • Phil
      April 15, 2009 at 3:23 am

      It is pretty easy: ISUploader is not a background app like dropbox - so it doesnt cost you valuable speed, although you dont use it all the time. Furthermore it is Mac only - which helps us to offer a better user experience (by using Apples great technologies).


      Oh and please have a look at daphnism (the new ISUploader).

  2. Kurt Baumann
    March 3, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    Hey love the app. With your permission we would like to add this to our pages as a good example of using our API.

    DivShare Team

  3. Phil
    February 8, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    Great news for you, I think.

    We plan to add and ImageShack in the final version. So stay tuned and have a look at makeuseof regularly.

    All the best,


  4. Jash Sayani
    February 8, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    Impressive app! But I'm don't like DivShare... Anything similar to ImageShack ?

    Or if this one is OpenSource, I can turn it into a ImageShack uploader...

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