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Do you want to send feedback to the management of a business about their products and services, but know that the chances are slim that they will receive it? To solve this problem, you should check out iSuggest.

give instant feedback

iSuggest is a virtual suggestion box that helps users leave instant feedback to business owners about their products and services from your smartphone. The application is currently available for iOS and Android devices. Now you don’t have to look for an employee or worker at any shop or restaurant so that you can fill out the suggestion form. Just open iSuggest and search for nearby places. If the business is registered with iSuggest, it will appear in the search list from where you can send your comments instantly to the management.

The time it takes for the business to receive depends on the plan the business has signed up with. If they are signed up with the paid plan, the management will receive the feedback immediately otherwise it will take few days for the company to receive the suggestions. They can use these suggestions to improve their products and services.

The application can be downloaded from respective App stores for free.


  • Free and easy to use.
  • Use GPS Tracking to find nearby places.
  • Available for Android and iOS devices.
  • Help businesses improve their products and experiences.

Check out iSuggest @

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