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If you are one of those ardent fans of the game of football (or soccer) and watch every match live then you might not need this tool. But considering the time constraints we have these days, most of us like to have the games auto-recorded by our set-top boxes in TVs so that we can watch them later. A site called Is This Game Worth Watching? wants to tell you if you should spend time watching that recording.

It won’t tell you the result, but will let you know if the match was fun or boring. Click on any match to see its recommendation. It uses event data from FanFeedr and lists major leagues like EPL, Champions League, MLS and Euro 2012 qualifiers.

game worth watching

event worth watching

As you see in the above screenshot, the Everton Vs Chelsea is worth watching. You can also add a game that’s not in the list.


  • Know if the recording of the soccer event is worth watching.
  • Uses data from FanFeedr.
  • Similar tool: FootieFox.

Check out Is This Game Worth Watching? @

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  1. John
    May 26, 2011 at 9:43 pm

    Is this a bad joke ? 
    Welcome to the new world where anonymous others tell you what is worth watching. Whoever uses such crap ain't a fan at all. Period.