IssueBurner: Email Based Task Management & Collaboration Tool

One use we put emails to is assigning tasks to others. But emails do not help us track the progress of those tasks we are collaborating on. IssueBurner has come up with a solution for this.

IssueBurner is a free to use email task management and collaboration service that lets you collaborate on tasks via emailing. Recognizing that most people use emailing to communicate with project collaborators, the site makes it greatly convenient to add entries to one’s tasks list.

clip image0026   IssueBurner: Email Based Task Management & Collaboration Tool

All you have to do is add an additional address to the email recipients while sending an email: Doing so adds the issue to the sender’s and recipient’s Issue Burner accounts. If the recipient does not have an Issue Burner account yet, they can create one through their email and find the task waiting for them in their list.

clip image0043   IssueBurner: Email Based Task Management & Collaboration Tool

As it works with email, something people are already familiar with, people will have no difficulties catching on to Issue Burner. With great features such as creating groups of contacts, mass-managing tasks, and tracking progress of issues, Issue Burner definitely looks like a brilliant collaborative tool.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you collaborate on tasks online.
  • Lets you add tasks to your lists via emailing.
  • Lets you create groups and mass-manage tasks and projects.
  • Similar tools: FollowUpThen.

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Sabyasachi Ruj

IssueBurner can also be used as a help-desk for your organization.


Thanks for pointing it out