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Bring the “snap” feature of Windows 7 to your Mac with iSnap. This Mac app will resize windows you drag to specific sides of the screen, just like in Windows. Drag to the right side and your window will take up the right half of the monitor. Do this with two windows on each side and you’re set up for multitasking and research at the same time.

If you’ve used Windows 7 you know this is a feature people get used to and love — and miss when you switch to a Mac.

windows 7 snap to mac

If you’d rather not do the click and drag thing, don’t worry. There are also keyboard shortcuts you can find by clicking the menu icon for the program. This might be the simplest way to use iSnap.


It’s not perfect – some programs, like Chrome and Microsoft Office, don’t seem to play nice with the click-and-drag functionality (though the keyboard shortcuts work without issue). And the software sometimes behaves erratically, minimizing windows for seemingly no reason. Multiple monitors can also cause hiccups. But a few frustrations can be forgiven for a program that brings a beloved feature from one operating system to another.

  • Bring the snap feature from Windows 7 to OS X.
  • Perfect for looking at two windows at once and multitasking.
  • Resize windows by dragging them to any side of the screen.
  • Keyboard shortcuts give you another way to quickly resize windows.
  • Some apps, such as Chrome and Microsoft Office, work inconsistently if at all.

Check out iSnap @ the Mac App Store (via

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