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What’s the quickest way to find the weather conditions of a city? Well, checking weather websites isn’t the quickest. Typing “weather in (city name)” on Google is one of the ways. is another.

It lets you quickly find out if it is raining in a particular city..and it could be any city around the world. You just have to type the city’s name after the forward slash in the URL and press enter. It’ll then tell you if it’s raining in that particular city.

is it raining now

As you see in the above screenshot, it shows the weather conditions too. If there are two cities with similar names, you could type in the city and the corresponding state/country after the URL to get to the exact result. The information is sourced from Yahoo Weather.


  • Quickly check if it’s raining today in your city.
  • Just type in the city or city and state after the URL.
  • Also check the weather conditions in that city.
  • Similar tools: Obama-Weather, Sleeves, GoingToRain and UmbrellaToday.

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