Is ReadKit The Perfect Reeder Replacement For Mac? (Yes)

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Reeder, which was the best Google Reader client for Mac, stopped working when Google Reader did back in July. And while Reeder2 for Mac is supposedly on the way, users can be forgiven for their impatience at this point.

Luckily there’s an answer: ReadKit (Mac App Store, $6.99). Bakari showed you how ReadKit combines various bookmarking services earlier this year, but a lot’s changed since then. Google Reader died, for one thing, and several alternatives have popped up. ReadKit’s developers, the Hungary-based Webin, took advantage of these shifts by adding many of these alternatives to their reading software.

Today ReadKit is a full-blown RSS reader, and arguably the best one currently out there for Mac. With syncing support for all the major web-based Google Reader replacements, and all the major bookmarking services, it’s hard to imagine a better reading experience for the Mac.

What You Were Looking For

It doesn’t matter which RSS service you use, from Feedly to Feed Wrangler: Mac users tend to prefer desktop apps to web-based ones. ReadKit brings your favorite RSS service to the Mac, and it looks good doing it.


Users of Reeder will feel at home immediately upon opening this app: ReadKit uses the same structure. Your folders and sites are to the left, your list of articles are in a column beside this and your content shows up in the largest, right-most column. It’s a relatively common layout for RSS readers in general, but it’s hard not to argue this isn’t on some level inspired by Reeder. Here are the two apps, overlaid:

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There are worse things to be than a Reeder clone – and with Reeder itself seemingly no where to be found, users can be forgiven for a lack of loyalty.

Supported Services

But this isn’t just a clone: it brings a lot of unique things to the table. As mentioned previously, a key selling point here is the support for multiple services. Head to ReadKit’s Account tab in the settings and you’ll see icons for several:


The RSS services supported as of this writing are:

  • Feedly
  • Newsblur
  • Fever
  • Feed Wrangler
  • Feedbin

There is, put simply, no Mac application on the market that is able to sync with so many services. This is the only Feedly client for Mac in existence right now, for example. If syncing with these services is important to you, you’ve no other choice.

And, of course, the service still functions as a great way to bring your favorite Read Later services together. Supported services include:

  • Instapaper
  • Pocket
  • Readability
  • Pinboard
  • Delicious

Sure, you could use Pocket for Mac instead – it’s the official Mac client for Pocket – but if you want to combine multiple services ReadKit is your best option.

Plus, once you get used to it, combining your RSS reading with your read it later service really makes sense: when you’re done catching up with the news you can get through the articles you’ve been saving.

Other ReadKit Features

So that’s an overview, but there are a few other highlights in ReadKit including an optional “Focus On Content” mode, for clutter-free reading:


The app also uses a one-button Readability mode, activated by pressing “g” to see the full text of any article not offered by a feed itself. Much of the appearance options can be changed fonts are completely customizable and you can choose one of four reading themes from light to dark.

ReadKit features some fairly standard keyboard shortcuts for browsing articles,  and you can also use your own custom keyboard shortcuts for sharing to Twitter, Facebook, Evernote and more


Reeder Replacement?

You can read both the latest headlines and stories you’ve saved for later, all in one place. Better yet it doesn’t matter which services you prefer, ReadKit allows you to combine your favorite RSS service with your favorite Read Later service in beautiful interface.

Is this a valid replacement for Reeder, though? Most of the best-loved features are here, the program is similarly fast and the interface feels native on OS X. Missing are the iOS companion apps, but sync with various RSS services means your feeds can still travel with your feeds. A lot of us really, really wanted to Reeder to come back better than ever – but we can’t wait forever. If you’re in that group, check out ReadKit – you won’t be disappointed.

Is there a better Reeder replacement out there for Mac? What about other RSS readers? Share you knowledge below for other readers.

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Comments (15)
  • Ben Poole

    Agreed; I bought it today, and I’m very pleased—the Feedly integration seems to work well (I also use Reeder on iOS and Press on Android).

  • Ben Poole

    And here we are, almost March 2014. Still no Reeder. So ReadKit it is I guess.

    • Justin P

      Yeah, feels like it’s never coming back. And recent updates have made ReadKit even better, so when it does I’m not going to see much of a reason to switch if it does.

  • Christian C. Berclaz

    ReadKit is too similar to Reeder not to look like a rip-off, at the same time the screenshots show that the design of Reeder is more tasteful. There is more than the functionality but the overall experience: for the eyes and the senses. There are many iOS reader apps but none that equals Reeder in smoothness of use and that is more beautiful to the eyes. Same for the Mac.

    Unfortunately this quality has meant that loyal users had to wait and have to continue to wait for the Mac version which should come in public beta before the end of autumn. I guess it takes time to develop an apps designed with taste.

    Still I agree with most, the wait has been too long, I am getting impatient and I guess that many have jumped ship already. On my end I use the web version of hoping for an updated Reeder soon.

  • Art

    I sync it with feedly but for some reason can’t find a way to read past saved articles. How can I do so?

    • Justin P

      I can’t find this, but it seems like a pretty bad oversight. I’ve contacted the developers and pointed to this comment, we’ll see what happens.

    • Justin P

      Hey, just heard from ReadKit: there’s a Smart Folder specifically for “Stared” items. You’ll find your saved articles there.

  • Ionut

    I can not use it because here is not sync with Theoldreader. This will bring a lot of users to their app if they will include it.

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Affiliate Disclamer

This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.

For more details, please read our disclosure.
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