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IRS Withholding Calculator lets you calculate your income taxes and find out your net take-home pay after all the income taxes are withheld by IRS (Internal Revenue Service). Amount of withheld taxes depends on various personal circumstances – whether you are single/married, have children or co-dependents, have a working spouse and other individual information.

All the entered information if fully anonymous. No personal data is stored and is discarded after you exit the program.

calculate your income taxes

It’s a very extensive calculator, so make sure you have your latest tax returns at hand. Proceed by selecting from multiple options and filling out the information according to your personal circumstances.

Once you are done, you will get a page that summarizes your input information and the results, which you can print out for later use


  • Calculate your net pay after income taxes
  • Online calculator provided by IRS (Internal Revenue Service). US citizens only
  • No registration, all the data is anonymous and is discarded after you exit the application

Check out IRS Withholding Calculator @,,id=96196,00.html

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