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iRateMyDay is cool place which can help you find out how happy are you. It’s a website where you can measure your overall happiness by rating your daily life for certain period of time. Do it for a month, and you’ll know how many days of the month you felt great, terrible, indifferent and so on. Do it for a year and you’ll know whether you’re a happy person or not, and why is it so.

So, how it works? Everyday you have to allocate a minute or two to review and rate your day. For that you need to login to your account, select an appropriate mood face for the day(great, good, as usual, bad or worst) and add an optional comment(had fun at Tim’s, failed exam, f*ck that, had problems with Boss…etc).

Once you do that for some time(ex; month) you’ll be able to view your daily mood changes on simple dot plot graph, where higher and lower positioned dots refer to better and worse days, respectively. Check out one sample plot below, by looking at it you can quickly figure out that on average January was good.

This way you can find out overall mood level of the month. In addition, by looking at points that are well below or above average(i.e. marked great or bad) and the comments corresponding to them you can also get a summary of ups and downs of the month. I think that’s an excellent way to review one month of your life. What went wrong? What was great? and What can I possibly change to improve it?

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