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Website designers would know that creating wireframes is an essential part of the design process. It is like creating the overall structure and navigation of the site before actually designing it. iPlotz is a really nice tool which lets you easily create wireframes in a drag and drop interface. It is based on Adobe AIR, hence works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

The mockups created are clickable and navigable, they can be quickly shared with clients, pages can be added, renamed, deleted and exported as png, jpg or pdf. Plus you could collaborate with other users on your mockups and create projects.

create website wireframes

The site supports free and paid account options. The free account lets you have 1 project at any given time with a limit of 5 wireframe pages.

To find out more see video below:



  • Quickly create and share website wireframes.
  • Simple, drag and drop interface. Built on Adobe AIR.
  • Get feedback from client. Collaborate with him on the mockups.
  • Click and navigate through the mockup easily.
  • The site supports free and paid account options.
  • Similar websites: MockFlow.

Check out iPlotz @

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  1. mark vernon
    October 7, 2009 at 4:41 am

    thanks for the mention!