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There are times when installing an image editing application is not the best solution for editing your images. For example you could be working on a public computer that does not give you installation privileges. When this happens, you need to resort to web apps. One of the best image editing web apps you will find is iPiccy.

photo editing web application

iPiccy is a free and simple to use web service that lets you edit images without installing anything or registering for an account. The site accepts images from various sources – you can upload a picture from your computer, select an image stored online, take a snap from your webcam, or draw a new picture in the site’s paint tools. With an image created you can perform numerous editing functions on it such as resizing, cropping, rotation, contrast fixing, and equalizing.

image editing web app

Various appealing photographic effects are also supported by the site. You can use iPiccy to add many popular effects to your images including cartoonizing, pencil drawing, HDR pictures, and pop art.



When you are done editing your image, you can download it as a JPG file or obtain its direct URL that can be shared with friends.


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