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You might have seen a lot of images online of funny text conversations held through iPhone devices. Most of those conversations are simply generated through online text conversation generators. Now with the help of a tool called “iPhone Text Generator” you can create those images as well.

iPhoneTextGenerator: Generate Fake iPhone Text Conversations and Save as PNG Jessy

iPhone Text Generator is a free to use web service that lets you create fake iPhone text conversations. You can specify the carrier and time of the message. Then you can type in the messages that occur between you and the other person – the name of the other person can also be set by you. By default, four lines of messages are shown but you can add more by clicking on the “Add Message” button.


When the image is generated, you can view it in your browser. It can also be directly downloaded in PNG file format and shared on Facebook and Twitter.




  • A user-friendly web service
  • Lets you generate fake iPhone text conversations
  • Lets you specify carrier, sender name, and message time
  • Offers text image as PNG file
  • Lets you directly share image over Facebook and Twitter
  • Similar tools: SMS Faker, iFakeSiri, FakeTweetBuilder, TweetForger, iFakeText and FakeiPhoneText.

Check out iPhone Text Generator @

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