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If you are an iPhone web app developer, then after you create an app, you need to test it. To do this you open up Safari in your iPhone and head on over to your web app’s URL. But through “iPhone4Simulator” you can test your web app while staying on your main computer.

try iphone apps online

iPhone 4 Simulator is a simple to use web tool that simulates an iPhone 4. It provides the same Safari-like features of iPhone’s. Developers can “slide to unlock” the virtual iPhone through their mouse pointer. Next they enter in their web app’s URL; the web app’s behavior will be simulated just as if an actual iPhone 4 was running the app. This can save developers a lot of time that would otherwise be spent physically checking the web app on an actual iPhone 4. The site works well with Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

Key Features:

  • Free iphone 4 simulator online.
  • Lets you simulate an iPhone 4.
  • Lets you try out web apps in the virtual iPhone 4.
  • Saves iPhone web app developers a lot of time in testing.

Check out “iPhone4Simulator” @

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