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If you are running to that 9 o’clock meeting and are desperately in need of coffee, it could now be just a tap away. Starbucks has arrived on Passbook as the coffee major updates its iPhone (and iPad) app for iOS 6. Starbucks had promised that it would soon be available on Apple’s mobile wallet service. It has stuck to its word. Though for now it seems to be U.S. only with other Starbucks popular countries like the U.K. and Canada left out.

On the updated Starbucks mobile app you have to sign in and tap on the Passbook prompt to load the Starbucks Card. Just in case that doesn’t work, simply tap Manage and you will be given the option to Add Card to Passbook. At a Starbucks counter, you can pull out your iPhone instead of your purse and order coffee with the Passbook app.

The Passbook app geo-locates you and alerts you about the nearest Starbucks outlets. Also, it will automatically display your Starbucks card on the phone’s lock screen when you are near a specific Starbucks shop. The updated Starbucks app is much improved too, with bug fixes and easier sign-ups and processing of the Starbucks Rewards system.

The much touted NFC (Near Field Communications) isn’t here yet, but the location aware Passbook and its virtual payment looks like a good start.

Source: Macworld


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