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In the last poll, we asked you “How many monitors do you have in your setup? How Many Monitors Do You Have In Your Setup? [Poll] How Many Monitors Do You Have In Your Setup? [Poll] Read More ” and now we’re ready to share the results.

It seems 40% of readers use two monitors – by far the most favoured response. Second most preferred set-up is for one monitor only, coming in at 27% of votes. Laptop users with an external monitor was next on the list and accounted for 15% of responses. A surprising amount of voters have a three monitor set-up, while a small but not insignificant number of you use four monitors. What’s really surprising is that there are more of you using six (or more) monitors than there are people using five. I’m intrigued – Please tell us what you’re doing with them all!

Today’s poll after the jump.

iPhone or Android?

This week, I want to try and answer one of the biggest questions of the year – iPhone or Android? We figure our readers are well versed in the pros and cons of each; you’re all informed consumers of these gadgets. You’re probably all too familiar with what makes an Android phone different Geeks Weigh In: What Makes an Android Phone Different? Geeks Weigh In: What Makes an Android Phone Different? Read More .


Choosing between an iPhone or an Android phone is simple for some and incredibly difficult for others. We know some of you went with your gut, some chose the lesser evil, many sat in line waiting for one of the first models and others of you agonised at length with a spreadsheet to help you decide.

So, which one did you go with?


If you haven’t actually bought one yet, don’t worry. Just tell us what you will choose.

Now that we’ve started the holy war, feel free to let us know your reasons for your choice in the comments. Tell us what you really think!

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