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Are you looking for a user-friendly way to back up a network folder on your computer? If yes, then your search successfully ends with an app called Iperius Backup.

make a backup of your files

Iperius Backup is a desktop application for Windows computers. The app focuses on letting users create and schedule backups of their data. You can start using the application by downloading its setup file that is sized at nearly 4 MB. When you run the application you can select the folders you want to create a backup of. In case the folder is on a network and a password is required, you can add a username and password for each such network folder. You can also add the destination of your backups.

The free version of the application only allows you to create a backup on your own computer or on a network folder. If you go with the app’s premium version you can also create an online backup; the premium versions begin from 69 Euros. With each backup you are able to create the backup in a ZIP archive that you can set a password to – a highly useful feature if the destination of the backup is on the network. You can also select which days you want the backup to be created. A daily backup will be a good option for regularly modified folders whereas for other folders a monthly backup should be sufficient.


Two ‘bonus’ features of the application let you set up email notifications at the end of every backup; the second such feature allows you run specific processes before the backup begins or after it is complete.



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