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ipad wallpapersThe iPad has been around for quite a while, and accordingly, the App Store has accumulated lots of different free wallpapers apps The 4 Best Free Wallpaper Apps for Your iPad The 4 Best Free Wallpaper Apps for Your iPad Read More . If you ever got bored of your wallpaper or icons, I’m sure you’ve had to deal with this abundance of options. A search for “wallpapers” in the App Store yields so many results, and so many of them free, it’s hard to know where to start.

This is what MakeUseOf is here for! I’ve went through many of these free wallpaper and display customization apps, and have come up with the best of the bunch. I tried to include some for every taste, so whether you’re into minimalistic, artistic or colorful wallpapers, you’re going to find them here.

Bear in mind that most of these apps have about the same (sometimes sketchy) name, so in order to prevent confusion I will try to include the fullest name possible along with an iTunes link.

100,000+ Wallpapers HD Free for iPad

I know that if we go by name, this app doesn’t sound promising, but it’s actually an excellent source for quality wallpapers. To start, it’s very easy to browse between categories, and there are plenty of them, which makes it easy to find specific things you’re looking for.

ipad wallpapers

The wallpapers are very high quality, and there’s a very wide range of them, so you’re sure to find something you like. If you need suggestions you can view the top wallpapers and new additions.


best ipad wallpapers

From the apps interface you can also e-mail wallpapers to friends, view copyright information for each image and report copyright problems if there are any.

Wallpapers by GelaSkins

GelaSkins are known for making beautiful skins for multiple devices. In their free wallpaper app they offer artistic wallpapers which you can browse by artist or by image (this means just browsing all the images, really).

best ipad wallpapers

These are iPad wallpapers offer a completely different vibe than most wallpaper apps out there. You may not find a minimalistic wallpaper here, but there are some fantastic works of art you can choose from. Another cool feature is the ability to change the image’s brightness before you download it, so it’s at its best with your icons. You can preview what it would look like and then download it at exactly the right brightness.

best ipad wallpapers

Cool Wallpapers HD by Kappboom

Cool Wallpapers made this list not necessarily because it’s the best app around, but some features in it stood out. First, the numerous categories you can browse. This really helps in finding what you like in the sea of available wallpapers.

free ipad wallpaper

The app’s interface is not the best, but it’s easy enough to understand and use. Once you’ve chosen a wallpaper, you get to customize it a little bit. You can add “glow” which comes in various sizes and patterns, you can blur things around for a constant drunk feeling, and you can make things black and white. The latter option can turn rather ugly wallpapers into surprisingly nice ones.

free ipad wallpaper

If you’re into sharing, you can share iPad wallpapers through e-mail, Facebook and Twitter right from the app’s interface.

Wallpapers HD

Wallpapers HD has a nice collection of beautiful wallpapers to choose from. The category list is not as extensive as other apps, but this one has a different option I liked very much – you can browse images by colors. Simply tap “Colors” at the top of the screen and choose your color. The results are very good, not just half-done.

free ipad wallpaper

While it doesn’t sport many categories, there are some you wouldn’t find anywhere else. For example, you can browse categories like snow, sunset/sunrise, beach, and more.

Here are the results I got when I decided to browse “snow” wallpapers.

Infinite Walls

Infinite Walls doesn’t actually let you browse its wallpapers unless you pay. So why is it on this list? It has a feature I found in no other app. It lets you turn Bing or Google image results into iPad wallpapers. To start, just enter your query and choose your search provider. Then go ahead and tap the huge “Go!” button.

You will be presented by image-only results which you can browse, and when you’ve found the right one, simply tap it and let the app change it to it fit your iPad screen.

When it’s done, you can save the image or share it, and even visit the original webpage the image came from.

I’m not entirely sure where this feature stands in terms of copyrights, but as long as you only use it as a wallpaper on your personal device it’s probably OK.


Skindex is still a wallpaper app, but it’s aimed at those who want their icons to look different (or at least seemingly so). You can choose between ready-made shelves and icon skins or create something yourself.

I’m not really into extravagant wallpapers (and most of these are), so I tried to make something that is somewhat laid back. I came up with blackish wallpaper and golden icons. You can also upload your own images into the app and add the icon skins to them.

With some creativity, Skindex can help you create a customized wallpaper that no one else around you will have.

Skins and Shelves

Skins and Shelves is very similar to Skindex, but offers a different vibe and some different options. In addition to shelves and icon skins you can also find some regular backgrounds (if you’re into flashy stuff), and there are some very cute things to be found.

For each shelf or skin wallpaper you can easily preview what it would look like with icons. This is important because some of them don’t really look like icon skins, but when you try them out you get some pretty adorable results.

ipad wallpapers

I hope you are able to find new and exciting iPad wallpapers using one of these apps. If not, please head over to the App Store and browse through the numerous wallpaper apps to look for that special one. Don’t forget to share with us if you’ve found something equally good or even better out there!

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