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If you are on a webpage that has a long URL, then sending that URL to your iPad can be a problem. One solution could be to shorten the URL and type the shortened version in your device’s browser. But shortened URLs remain active for a long time, something that is undesired by some users. Here to solve this problem effectively is a web service called iPad URL.

create expiring url

iPad URL is a web service that primarily acts as a URL shortening tool. The site provides you with a bookmarklet to add to your bookmarks toolbar. Whenever you are on a long-URL page, simply click on the bookmarklet and a shortened URL will be generated. The format of the URL is a 4 digit number followed by the site’s own domain – something very easy to remember. You can then open the shortened URL on your device and be directed to the original webpage.

The shortened URLs are active for 30 minutes or up until the first visit only. Plus even though the app’s name is “iPad URL”, it can be used for any device – other smartphones, smart devices, or even as a regular URL shortening tool. However you only need to keep in mind that the generated URLs are only good for singular visits.


Check out iPad URL


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