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Are you looking for a browser-based iPad simulator to test your iOS web apps? If yes, then you need to visit iPad Simulator.

ipad simulator online

iPad Simulator is a simple web app that simulates an iPad within your web browser. While trying it out, I found that the app worked in Firefox better than Chrome. When you visit the site, you are presented with an iPad-like view. Slide the button on the bottom of the screen using your mouse pointer.

online ipad simulato

You will see app buttons arranged at the top and bottom of the page, just like on an iPad. Click on the Safari app button at the bottom to open the built in browser and head on over to your web app.

try ipad

Currently only the Safari built-in app seems to work. But that should be enough to quickly see how your iOS web app looks running on an iPad.


  • A user friendly web app.
  • Simulates an iPad in your web browser.
  • A built in Safari app lets iPad simulator browse.
  • A great tool for iPad web app developers.
  • Similar tools: iPhone4Simulator and TestiPhone.com.

Check out iPad Simulator @ www.alexw.me/ipad

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Thanx for the cool review :)
Also maps app work and timezones. soon more apps will be avaliable.
BTW multitasking also works now.


Anonymous Hacker

can you make it so i can use app store get free apps?

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