IP Webcam: Use Your Android Phone As A Web Cam

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Do you need an ad-hoc wireless camera system? Why not use your Android phone as a web cam? IP Webcam is an Android app that lets you transform your phone into a network camera which will let you remotely view videos that are captured real-time. You can view the video via a browser or stream it over your phone.

android phone as a web cam

After installing the app on your phone, you need to configure the settings which include the login and password, resolution, frames per second, image quality, and TCP port. Once you are set, press “˜Start Server’ on the app and it will display the URL of the video so you can view it remotely.

Keep in mind that you need a Java browser plugin to view the video in your browser. Furthermore, you may also take snapshots using the “˜Take Immediate Photo’ feature.

android phone as a web cam

IP Webcam is a great solution if you do not have a remote camera around. It is available for free in the App Market.


  • Use your Android phone as a wireless network camera that can be viewed remotely.
  • View videos using a browser or a client.
  • You can adjust the image size, frames per second, and image quality.
  • Protect the video stream with a login and password.
  • Capture images with the “˜Take Immediate Photo’ feature.
  • Similar Tools: Vitamin D, ManyCam, and UGOlog.

Check out IP Webcam @ www.appbrain.com/app/ip-webcam/com.pas.webcam

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